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Indian painted elephant Wood Hand Carved wooden sculpture,Elephant art.

  • $7000

Love to deck up and collect pretty ethnic home decor. Then this lovely painted elephant is just what you are looking for. Made from wood this object is an exemplary work of true craftsmanship. The elephant features beautiful embossed  painted work in multi shades.You can place it on your desk, table or night stand. It is sure to add an ethnic feel and aura to your modern home. This carved elephant  is very easy to clean and very durable.

The elephant is a symbol of strength, power, stability and wisdom.Elephant statues are popular worldwide. It is common superstition that an elephant carving or picture should always face the door if you want to bring good luck into the house.

It also protects the home when facing the entrance making sure only good fortune passes through.

Available in sizes L12xW6xH10 inches and L14 xW7XH12 inches.

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