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Rajasthani Indian Art.Bobble heads,unique car/home decor.

  • $2000

Possess or gift something unique.

Every room needs something jolly in it to lift your spirits.These look good enough.

Handmade,hand painted  and quirky.

Inspired by the craft of puppet making by the craftsmen from Jaipur, these bobble heads depict the fun and humorous side of the craft. All bobble heads differ. The color , the fabric or the head-gear may vary from what is shown in the picture.

This exotic creation is structured on a marble base and attached with a spring for the bobble effect. These decorative pieces instantly add character and traditional riches to your setting.Decorate your space with something unique.Can be used as a unique paperweight too.

Dry wipe only.Made of wood ,cloth a metal spring and a marble base.


Dimensions:3-4 inches x 1.5 inch.

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