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Dhokra/Dokra Art,Hand crafted,Tribal art. Ladies Musician sitting.

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Tribal Dhokra musician set.

Order a single piece in pairs or get a great deal on the entire set.A conversation piece and can be placed or set just about anywhere. All dhokra pieces are sourced from an NGO which actively helps in educating and helping the tribal communities.

Dokra is the art of metal crafts among some indigenous tribes of eastern India including West Bengal and Orissa. These places are renowned for their rich culture,history and heritage and is is located on the east coast of the bay of Bengal in India.Also one of the richest states in tradition and art, it is the center of the Jain, Buddhist and Hindu religion.

The beauty of any dokra sculpture is that they are unique,no two dokra sculptures are the same. The reason for this is the mould for each piece is handcrafted and is lost in the process of casting. it is said to be oldest form of metal casting and is precisely known as 'cire perdue' or lost wax procedure. The craftsman begins by winding a slim thread of wax over the contours of a clay core . It is then thickly coated with fine clay obtained from termite hills, and then baked till dry leaving a narrow vent to melt away the wax. The vacuum created between the core and the clay layer is filled with molten metal, which is then allowed to cool down and solidify. The moment that follows is loaded with anticipation, for it is then that the outer clay mould is cracked open, revealing the beauty of the final sculpture. Simple as this whole process seems, it requires great precision and skill. The metal must be able to flow uniformly and freely through the narrow spaces, and replace the wax without forming any bubbles or gaps.

Non ferrous metal casting using the lost wax casting technique,its roots can be traced to 4500 years to the ancient city of Mohenjadaro in the Indus valley civilization.This art is still carried out in the same age old process by tribals.The objects have motifs inspired by the indigenous folk culture and are characterized by a primitive instinctive style.

The sculptures are simple charming and imaginative with intricate designs and patterns with an overall rustic feel. As these are hand made by tribal folk each piece is different and unique.Minor variations in the shape ,size ,metal finish are inherent and does not diminish the artistic appeal of the product.

Dimensions :sizes vary but an approx size is 4 x 3 x 2 inches.

Weight per pc.: approx 220 gms.


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