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Soapstone Carved TeaLight Holder Cylindrical India,Indian Art.

  • $5000

Can you find a better way to light up the darkness.
A utility and a decorative gift idea..
Cylindrical soap stone delicately carved in a floral motif in three cylindrical sizes.
CCan you find a better way to light up the darkness.
Light a candle and get bathed in the playful shadow and the soft glow of the light.Hand carved by the descendants of artisans who built the Taj Mahal. Yes ,made in Agra,India.Light up and get taken away by the symmetrical shadow play on your walls from the flickering lights. 
The intricate carving of lacy flower patterns on elegant natural soapstone beautifully contrasts with the simple and solid cylindrical shape of the vase. Originally employed for architectural purposes, this ornamental craft made its way very well into creation of rich, decorative and utility items and transcends the test of times.This piece is delicate but durable and can also be used as a holder indoors or outdoors.
To achieve this work of art a single piece of STONE is first cut into the desired form, then manually hollowed out from within.The outer shell is then painstakingly hand carved into a mesh of intricate designs and patterns.There are no joints and no glue is ever used.
This exquisite craft has been practiced in India for centuries on soft stone such as Gorara stone ( also known as Indian soapstone) .  Four factors  determine the value of the finished product (1) size of the piece ( 2) Complexity of design (3) workmanship and (4) the time involved.When you observe these pieces you will notice all the four are involved.
Minor color and design variations are possible in hand crafted and  natural stone products..If buying two of the same item, minor differences should be expected, however this does not distract from the overall beauty.
Can be used as candle holders /Vases/ decorative accents /potpourri holders/desk accessories,pen holders.  
Available in 3 sizes.
Dimensions (each): Small             4 " x 2.5 " inches.
                                Medium        5"  x   3"  inches.
                                Large             6 "  x 3.5 " inches.

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