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Wall Mounted Candle Holders,Hand Painted,Ethnic Design.India.Indian Art.Sconce.

  • $3000

Elegant hand crafted ,rustic,hand painted and embossed wall mounted metal candle holders.The vibrant colors splashed on this fabulous wall candle holder will be a cynosure with its brightness when hung on any wall or passage.

Dare to be different.

Available in a range of colors and designs.Please confirm color prior to purchase.

Dimensions  height 9 inch holds holds candle up to 3 inches width...

Dimensions  height 12 inch holds candle up to 4 inches width.

Dimensions  height 12 inch holds candle up to 5 inches width.

Caution:Never leave a burning candle unattended .Keep out of reach of children and pets.Do not burn candles near anything that can catch fire. Always use caution when  lighting candles.


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