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Aroma Diffuser ,Oil Warmer,Carved Soapstone.incense cone holder

  • $3000

These lovely hand crafted soapstone diffuser is made out of three pieces of carved soapstone and for use with small tea light candles.

It has a very artistic and intricately carved floral design.Light a candle and get bathed in the playful shadow and the soft glow of the light.Hand carved by the descendants of artisans who built the Taj Mahal..Yes made in Agra,India.

To use a candle diffuser, place the diffuser on a safe platform that can tolerate heat, away from anything flammable. Fill the bowl (reservoir) with water to the top. Add a few drops of your favorite, pure essential oil or a blend of pure essential oils. Place the tea light inside the diffuser or on the lower platform and light the candle.

Minor color and design variations are possible in hand crafted and natural stone products..If buying two of the same item, slight differences should be expected.Be Careful! The whole diffuser gets HOT when in use and may take a little while to cool down. Do not move a lit candle diffuser.

Dimensions : 9.5 cms x 6.5 cms.

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