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Buddha statue stone carved ,natural stone.2 sizes.

  • $4000

Created out of fine soapstone and intricate detailing, this teaching Buddha statue.

This is a hand carved all natural soapstone sculpture do not mistake for resin, plastic, faux stone or any other synthetic material. The statue has been hand-carved by artisans in Agra, famous for the Taj Mahal and the artisans who excel in stone carving and stone inlay-work

The Buddha's meditation mudra conveys inner piece and the slight smile conveys contentment and enlightenment.

Buddha statues/sculptures are highly recommended as stress relievers and bring serenity and calmness to any home, office setting. They also make an excellent gift for any event.

Buddhists have a special altar within their homes or gardens with a Buddha statue. However, you don't have to be a Buddhist in order to incorporate this statue into your interior or exterior decor.

Buddha Statues are powerful symbols and reminders of inner peace, healing, and good fortune.

Available in two sizes

6 x4 x 2 inches
9x6x2.5 inches


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